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2221 AdmGuide Virtual Programs

Virtual/On-Line  courses can be a valuable option for many different types of students, including advanced students or gifted students needing coursework not available in our curriculum, students
needing remediation and/or make up credit, and students that have extenuating circumstances that can
benefit from an alternative learning environment.
Virtual/On-Line Courses
Wauwatosa School District students that desire to take a virtual/on-line course to make up credit and/or as a
preference to learning may do so at their own cost.  High school students expecting to have credit for their on-line course work must obtain prior approval from their high school counselor.  On-line courses must be
from an accredited agency with content aligned to local, State of Wisconsin or national standards.  Any courses
not meeting these requirements should be reviewed by the Director of Student Learning prior to approval.   Once
the course is completed an official transcript must be submitted for the student to receive credit.  On-line courses
placed on a Wauwatosa School District transcript will be included in the student’s grade point average and class
Extenuating Circumstances
On-line courses may also be used at the discretion of the district to ensure students have access to curriculum in
extenuating circumstances.  In the situations bulleted below, it is possible that the cost of the on-line course will
be paid for by the district.   
    • A curricular need is not available in our established curricular framework and is necessary to maintain the
      student’s learning development. 
    • A student has documented medical/health needs that do not allow for school attendance 
     • A building level IEP/504 or Rti team has indicated the need to support the academic or behavioral plan of a
      • A Wauwatosa resident has submitted an open enrollment application to a virtual school outside of the district
      • Other extenuating circumstances that require district office administrative approval
When the district is covering the cost for an on-line course, students must submit a transcript at the completion of
the course at which time the course and grade will be entered on the transcript.  This 
course will be included in the
student grade point average and class ranking.  Students who do not 
complete an on-line course in a reasonable
time expectation will be asked to reimburse the district for 
the cost of the course.
Approved/Adopted:  April 23, 2012
Sharon Weinstock,
Apr 24, 2012, 9:47 AM