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2271.01 AdmGuide_Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program

School Board (or Designee) Responsibilities:
Annually, by October 1st, provide information about the postsecondary enrollment options program to all students
in the Wauwatosa School District in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades.
Annually, by September 1st, appoint a contact person in the School District to administer the postsecondary
enrollment options program. The Director of Student Services/designee shall administer this program in the
Wauwatosa School District.
By the end of the semester in which the student applies, provide written notification to the student regarding
approval/credit status of postsecondary coursework and their right to appeal a negative determination to the State
Superintendent as specified under s.PI 40.08.
Student Responsibilities:
By March 1st for the fall semester and by October 1st for the spring semester, students must notify the School
Board/designee of their intention to participate in the program by completing DPI form #PI-8700, obtained through
the Wauwatosa School District. The participating student must be enrolled in the Wauwatosa Public School
District and be in the 11th or 12th grade.
The student may not take more than the equivalent of fifteen (15) semester credit hours in any academic semester.
One-fourth (1/4) high school credit per one (1) semester postsecondary credit will be granted.
Student's must apply to an institution of higher education during the school semester prior to enrollment in the
institution of higher education.
A student participating in the program may appeal the School Board's decision not to award high school credit to
the State Superintendent of public instruction within thirty (30) days of the decision. When participating students
have School Board approval to take a postsecondary course for high school credit, they may apply to the State
Superintendent for reimbursement of transportation costs if they are unable to pay. The form #PI-8701 may be
obtained through the Wauwatosa School District.
Approval of postsecondary credit
The School Board may grant high school credit for a course taken at an institution of higher education under the
postsecondary enrollment options program if the postsecondary course meets any of the high school graduation
requirements under s. 118.33 Stats. and if one (1) or more of the following conditions apply:
    A. If the postsecondary course is complementary to, consistent with, or expands on a course of study or
        sequence of courses offered by the Wauwatosa School District.
    B. If the postsecondary course expands an opportunity for the student to move to another level of academic or
        vocational course of study.
    C. If the postsecondary course curriculum meets or exceeds the same standard for rigor and content as other
        courses approved by but not offered by the School District for credit toward graduation.
    D. If the postsecondary course supports rather than prevents a student from completing the high school
        graduation requirements under ch. PI 18.
Denial of postsecondary credits:
The School Board may deny enrollment in a postsecondary course if:
    A. The Wauwatosa School District offers a comparable course (an approximate eighty percent (80%) match in
        course content).
    B. The course taken repeats the course content for which a student has already received a passing grade and
        high school credit.
    C. The course taken repeats the postsecondary course content for which a student has already taken and
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Jul 28, 2011, 1:27 PM