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2340c AdmGuide_Overnight Field Trips and Extended Overnight Study Tours

The Superintendent or his/her designee of the Wauwatosa School District may authorize overnight field trips and
extended overnight study tours (collectively "Overnight Trips") for students when the educational value of the
Overnight Trip is directly related to enhancing the classroom learning experience.
Requests for Approval
Requests for Overnight Trips must be submitted for the Superintendent's review a minimum of six (6) weeks in
advance, unless the Superintendent specifically waives this time frame requirement. Prior to the submission of all
required documentation, the Superintendent or his/her designee may give tentative approval of an Overnight Trip.
Principals will provide leadership to faculty member when developing a plan for an Overnight Trip. Required
documents include:
    A. Copies of approved written vendor/travel agent contracts, which will be made available to parents/guardians
        upon request;
    B. Parental/guardian approval for student to participate;
    C. Itinerary detailing time of day for various activities;
    D. Statement regarding the condition of health of the student;
    E. Authorization from parent/guardian for chaperone to provide emergency medical attention, which includes the
        name, address and phone of the family physician;
    F. Statement that school rules will be in effect for the entire trip;
    G. Release, waiver and indemnification of all financial liability on the part of the District;
    H. Attendance by parent/guardian and student at an orientation meeting prior to the trip, with staff who will be
        acting as chaperones. A discussion of this policy and providing a complete copy of this policy to every parent
        will be a mandatory portion of this meeting;
    I. A statement that strongly advises parents to purchase trip cancellation insurance.
District arranged transportation to and from the destination will be established and advance notice of the itinerary
will be provided to parents/guardians. Request of parents/guardians to provide transportation for their child may be
honored by the principal if the request is made prior to the trip. Students may not provide their own transportation.
The Superintendent may deny approval for an Overnight Trip based on the safety of participants, failure to meet the
guidelines of this policy, including the educational value of the trip, or any other pertinent factors. If the
Superintendent denies approval of an Overnight Trip, his/her decision may be appealed to the Wauwatosa School
Rescinding Overnight Trip Approvals
At any time the Superintendent, following discussion with trip advisors and participating students and their parents,
may rescind approval of an Overnight Trip for reasons s/he appropriate. The Superintendent's decision to rescind
approval of an Overnight Trip may be appealed to the Wauwatosa School Board. At its discretion the Board may
choose to hear the appeal, and, if heard, either concur with or overturn the Superintendent's decision to cancel the
Overnight Trip.
If an Overnight Trip is cancelled, the District will attempt to recover any funds that have been disbursed to providers
of the trip and will return the out-of-pocket expenses to the participants who contributed the funds on a pro rata
basis; if refunds are sufficient, fund-raised monies will also be returned, on a pro rata basis, to fund raising
accounts. However, the District will bear no financial responsibility for any funds not recovered due to the
cancellation of an Overnight Trip.
Monetary award (cash payment) may not be provided to any staff member or chaperone beyond District provided
compensation. Travel costs and expenses for supervising staff members may be prorated and included in a per-
student cost. The following guidelines will apply to the number of required chaperones:
    A. In-State Overnight Trips require a minimum ratio of one (1) chaperone to ten (10) students with a minimum
        requirement of at least two (2) chaperones.
    B. Domestic Overnight Trips require a minimum ratio of one (1) chaperone to ten (10) students with a minimum
        requirement of at least two (2) chaperones, one of whom must be a District or building administrator or a
        teacher with administrative authority.
    C. International Overnight Trips require a minimum ratio of one (1) chaperone to seven (7) students with a
        minimum requirement of at least two (2) District staff members, one of whom must be a District or building
        administrator or a teacher with a administrative authority.
    D. Each elementary student must have at least one (1) parent/guardian accompany him/her on any out-of-state
        or international Overnight Trip.
Consideration should be given to the program offered, location and other special safety factors in determining the
appropriate number of chaperones. The Superintendent or his/her designee, in consultation with the trip advisor,
will determine the maximum number of chaperones for each Overnight Trip. All contracts must state that the
agreement is governed by the laws of Wisconsin.
Contracts for Overnight Trips
Only students, staff and approved chaperones will participate in approved Overnight Trips. If others enter into
separate agreements with vendors for corresponding trips, the District will not be involved in or responsible for the
promotion, collection of money or other contractual arrangements for these corresponding trips.
All contracts for Overnight Trips must specifically name the District as the contracting party and must be signed by
the Superintendent or his/her designee, as well as the school employee who arranged the Overnight Trip.
Required Documentation for Overnight Trips
The Overnight Trip may not occur unless all required paperwork is completed and submitted to the
Superintendent's office. A student will NOT be allowed to participate in the overnight trip unless all required
documentation is on file in the Superintendent's office at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the start of the trip.
A copy of the completed trip packet is to be sent to the Superintendent's office and building principal prior to
departure. This complete packet must include: the advisor application form with principal comments, the
emergency procedures forms, student and chaperone roster, itinerary, and parent/student application form which
includes a waiver and indemnification of financial liability for each student/participant. Exceptions to this policy
need specific approval of the Board.
Other Considerations
Students may not miss more than five (5) instructional days per school year while involved in Overnight Trips
except with the principal's permission based on unusual circumstances.
Fund raising related to Overnight Trips must adhere to the School Board's fund raising and advertising policies.
Internal publicity, announcements and promotions are permitted only for District-approved Overnight Trips.
This policy is not applicable to athletic contests and other extracurricular or co-curricular contests at the State and
National level and that are scheduled with such time constraints that adherence to all the guidelines of this policy
are impossible. However, such trips do require the approval of the building principal and Superintendent or designee
and must comply with these guidelines regarding chaperones, medical information, emergency forms,
transportation, parental authorization and obeying school rules.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Jul 28, 2011, 1:31 PM