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2521e AdmGuide_Secondary School Theater and-or Drama Productions

High School Level
The selection process outlined below will be followed for musical productions, dramatic productions and the one (1)
act play competition.
    A. It is the responsibility of the drama director to make decisions about potential productions. Prior to securing
        any rights for a musical production, and prior to discussing a preferred selection with students or parents, the
        drama director will consult with the music director, voice director and choreographer to assess potential
        selections that would best fit the skill levels, gender, and numbers of potential cast and musicians, as well as
        any other factors that may be important to the process.
        For non-musical productions, including the one act play, student productions, and seniordirected plays, the
        drama director/advisor will take into consideration similar variables and discuss them with other members of
        the theater department as necessary.
    B. The drama director/advisor will compile a prioritized list of potential selections (minimum of two (2)). S/He will
        then discuss the choices, and review the scripts with the school principal. Based upon that discussion, the
        principal will:
            1. Give approval to proceed with the first choice, ordering the rights to the production, scheduling
                auditions, etc. or,
            2. Give approval to the first choice pending conditions, which may include, but are not limited to script
                revisions, scheduling a parent meeting prior to casting, or other conditions as deemed appropriate, or
            3. Deny permission for the first choice.
    C. In the instance that permission to proceed with the first choice is denied, or the director/advisor finds the
        conditions for approval to be unacceptable, the same steps as above will be followed with each of the
        selections on the director/advisor's prioritized list.
        If none of the original list of selections receive permission to proceed, or agreement cannot be reached
        upon conditions for approval, the director/advisor:
            1. Has the right to appeal the principal's decision to the director or curriculum and instruction in writing by
                providing documentation of why the director/advisor believes the requested selection should be allowed,
            2. Will investigate other selections and follow the same procedures as outlined above.
    D. Once a selection has been approved, the director/advisor of the production and the principal will notify the
        school community of the production that has been chosen, in the next monthly school newsletter. This
        notification will inform parents that the decision will be finalized ten (10) days after the receipt of the
        newsletter, and will include contact information for the school principal for those who have questions or
        concerns before the decision is finalized.
    E. The principal will respond to parent questions and/or concerns within five (5) working days of his/her receipt of
        parental concerns/questions. Parents who disagree with the principal's response have the right to appeal in
        writing to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction within five (5) school days of notification of the principal's
        response. Parents who disagree with the findings of the director of curriculum and instruction may appeal
        his/her decision in writing to the Superintendent of schools within five (5) working days of receipt of the
        decision of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. The Superintendent will make the final decision
        concerning any appeals.
Middle School Level
At the middle school level, the play director/advisor and principal will develop and maintain a list of approved
productions for use at this level. Productions involving middle school students will be limited to those on the
approved list. Parent questions or concerns regarding any production at the middle school level should be directed
to the building principal.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Jul 28, 2011, 1:55 PM