3120a AdmGuide_Selection of Professional Personnel

A. Introduction
        1. The Board of Education shall make all appointments to positions on the basis of a person's professional
            qualifications. To implement the desire of the Board to appoint on the basis of merit only, all those who
            have responsibility for staffing should search diligently within and outside the system for qualified
            candidates to fill staff positions.
        2. Each position shall have a job description which shall include, but not be limited to, the following
                a. The position title
                b. Its function
                c. A listing of the responsibilities and authorizations assigned to the position
                d. A description of the reporting and supervisory relationships of the position
B. Qualifications
        1. The qualities desired beyond minimum certification requirements are:
                a. Formal training appropriate to the duties and responsibilities of the particular position;
                b. Experience, both quantitative and qualitative, related to the particular position
                c. Evidence of high educational and professional standards;
                d. Evidence of commitment to professional growth;
                e. Evidence of professional work habits and conduct consistent with the ethics of the profession.
        2. Each candidate shall submit the following information in the form requested by the District:
                a. Personal data, limited to those allowed by law
                b. Certificates held
                c. Record of educational and professional training (including transcripts)
                d. Record of experience applicable to the position, e.g. teaching, counseling, administration, etc.
                e. Reports from references
C. Selection Process
        1. Application Procedure
            All letters of application and all placement office credentials shall come through the Human Resource
            Office which will note date of receipt, acknowledge the application (if applications were requested). 
                a. It shall file those of promising candidates, and arrange for an investigation and possible interviews.
                b. It shall send the applications to the appropriate principal when requested
        2. Investigation Procedure
                a. Checking of credentials should include, in addition to letters of reference, direct telephone calls to the
                    person's recent supervisor(s) or employer. Such information shall be maintained in a confidential file
                    restricted to supervisory and official use only so as to protect the source(s) of the information and the
                    privacy of the applicant.
                b. All necessary certification, training, and experience is documented.
        3.   Interview Procedure
             (Not for Principals or Central Office Positions)
                a. Upon receipt of all relevant information, applications will be routed to the appropriate principal for
                b. The building/department shall independently review the applications and then reach consensus on
                    the applicants to be interviewed. The principal/supervisor shall then determine which, if any,
                    members of the staff will be included in reviewing applications and the interviews. Prior to any
                    interviews, a copy of AG 3120C is to be given to each interviewer.
                c. Qualified candidates shall be scheduled for personal interviews with the principal as soon after receipt
                    and review of application as possible.
                d. After all interviews have been completed, the principal submits the recommended candidate to the
                    Superintendent who will conduct the final interview and make the selection of the person to be
                    recommended to the Board. Prior to the recommendation, a criminal history record check will be
                    conducted after the candidate submits a set of fingerprints and pays the investigation fee.
                e. All unsuccessful interviewees will be informed of the decision by the hiring administrator in writing.
        4.   Procedure for Principals
             If the opening is for a principalship, an interviewing committee consisting of members of the professional
             staff, student(s) at high school level, and parent(s) shall be selected to assist in the interview process.
            At the end of the interview process, each member of the interview committee is to independently determine
            those candidates that s/he thinks should receive further consideration. Additional interviews and final
            recommendation shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent.
      5.  Procedure for Central Office Positions
          The interview/selection procedure for professional staff with administrative responsibilities at the District level
          shall be established by the Superintendent, appropriate for the position.
        During all phases of all screening, interviewing, and selection process, the Equal Opportunity Employment
        Policy 3122 shall be adhered to by all personnel involved.
    D. Employment Procedure
            1. After the Superintendent's approval, and with Board acceptance, the Director of Human Resources shall
                make an offer of employment and remuneration and, upon acceptance by the successful candidate,
                initiate a contract or memorandum of employment which will include:
                    a. Terms of employment including wages;
                    b. Length of contract (where appropriate);
                    c. Fringe benefits;
                    d. Job title and person to whom responsible
            2. Upon acceptance, the new staff member shall report to the Human Resource Office to fill out
                withholding tax, insurance, and any other necessary forms.
            3. All documents concerning employment shall be attached to the application and filed in the Human
                Resource Office. (See AG 8320 - Personnel Records)
            4. The new staff member is to be properly oriented by his/her supervisor.
    E. Reporting Employment
        The Superintendent shall report all newly hired employees to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce
        Development within twenty (20) days of the employee's start date on the tax withholding form (WT-4), and/or
        The report shall include the employee's name, address, date of birth, and social security number as well as
        the District's name, address, and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
        For the purposes of this section a newly-hired employee is any first time employee and any individual rehired
        after an absence of ninety (90) days or more.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Revised:  August 29, 2011
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 31, 2011, 8:45 AM