3131 AdmGuide Reduction in Staff

Whenever it becomes necessary to reduce the number of staff members currently employed by the District because of an elimination of an existing position or a reorganization or reduction of existing positions, the Superintendent shall follow the following guidelines.

  1. Selection:  Where a reduction in the number of incumbent staff members in the position selected for elimination cannot be achieved through attrition (e.g. resignations, retirements, elimination of individuals on non-renewing contracts, temporary or part-time assignments), then the Superintendent shall select the individual(s) for reduction within the affected  position type by considering and weighing all the following factors:

  • Educational needs of the district, which will be identified and determined by the administration;

  • Qualifications, including, but not limited to, specific skills, certification [if applicable], training, etc.

  • Most recent performance evaluations;

  • Experience, which shall include, but not be limited to, current and past assignment and practical experience in the area of need;

  • For professional employees, the employee’s positive contributions towards building and district level committees and initiatives;

  • Documented disciplinary or performance concerns;

For purposes of this procedure, a “position” is defined as the job classification or department, level (high school, middle school, or elementary school), and subject areas taught (where appropriate).  

  1. Notification:  The District shall notify individuals selected for reduction, in writing, as soon as practicable and in accordance with any individual employment contract.

  1. No Right-To-Alternative Position:  Nothing in this policy provides a right to an individual employee to bump another employee or to obtain an alternative position within the District.  In the event that the employee desires to obtain an alternative position within the District, the employee must apply for that vacant position.  Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted to inhibit the right of the Administration to transfer or re-assign an employee in accordance with Section 3130.

  1. Post-Notification Conference:  In the event that an employee is notified that he or she has been selected for reduction, the employee may contact the Human Resources Department within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the notification of selection for reduction and request a review of the decision.  The Director of Human Resources shall meet with the employee and review the criteria from the employee’s personnel file that were used to identify the individual for reduction.  The purpose of this meeting is to review the personnel file with the employee and to ensure that the selection for reduction was not made in error.

Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009

Revised:  August 29, 2011

Revised: February 9, 2016

Nathan Marinan,
Feb 11, 2016, 7:06 AM