3213 AdmGuide_Liability of Staff for Student Welfare

All staff members are responsible for the safety of students on the grounds and within District facilities. In addition
to requirements specified in Policy 3213, the following guidelines are provided to minimize the occurrence of
situations in which staff members may incur liability for actions related to students:
    A. Each staff member:
            1. Should not leave students unattended;
            2. Should not leave an unqualified person in charge of students;
            3. Should accompany students wherever they are assigned and remain with them until supervision is
                assumed by another responsible person;
            4. Should ensure students do not use nondistrict-owned and/or maintained equipment or other equipment
                which may be potentially dangerous or use facilities or equipment except for the intended purpose;
            5. Should organize materials and equipment in his/her classroom or work area so as to minimize danger of
                injury to students and to self.
    B. Each staff member is to enforce the following rules established for student activity in high risk areas:
            1.  Students should not work in a shop, kitchen, or laboratory at other than the regularly scheduled period,
                and then only under qualified supervision and in accordance with the prescribed safety procedures.
            2. Only students enrolled in shop classes or laboratory classes, are to use power tools or other dangerous
    C. With the ever-increasing demand for the use of gyms and other such facilities, it is imperative that the staff
        ensure the safety of District students.
            1. If permission is granted for a student or group of students to use a facility, a staff member or authorized
                adult must be present in the facility throughout the time it is in use.
            2. Under no circumstances are students to be left in charge.
            3. If for any reason an area is unlocked for anyone, the staff member or authorized adult is responsible for
                ensuring the area is locked up after its use.
            4. Under no circumstances are custodians authorized to open a facility for unsupervised students to use.
    D. Each staff member or authorized adult must immediately report to the principal any accident or a safety
        hazard s/he detects and any accident one (1) or more of his/her students experience. The staff member
        should complete the approved accident report form which will be submitted to the building principal, the
        Business Office and the Human Resources Office.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Revised:  August 29, 2011
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 31, 2011, 9:02 AM