3242c AdmGuide_Six Questions for Determining the Effectiveness of Staff Development Programs

The six questions addressed in this guideline deal with the most important issues concerning any staff
development program. The first relates to the outcome of the program - do staff members produce better results on the job? If that "outcome" question cannot be answered adequately, the effectiveness of any staff development
program is very difficult to determine and the investment of valuable time and resources of doubtful justification.
The six (6) questions below have been designed to provide a brief "No", "Somewhat", or "Yes" answer to each
question. If other than Yes answers are obtained, further analysis and planning will be necessary if the program is
to have much impact on job performance.
This guideline can be used for staff development programs designed for either professional staff or support staff. For
programs to be used with instructional staff, the end-result should be described in terms of the type and quality of
student learning that should be forthcoming because of what the instructors can now do better or differently.
Six Questions
    1. Has the result the individual (team) is to produce, upon completion of the program, been described precisely,
        completely, and at desired standards?
    2. Does the program provide for all of the relevant knowledge, attitudes, procedures, and teamwork skills that
        the individuals (team) have to learn in order to consistently produce the desired end-result?
    3. Is the program organized/sequenced to best ensure that each individual (team) not only learns the specified
        content cumulatively, but also learns how to apply it properly after completion of the training?
    4. Can the instructors demonstrate all of the knowledge, attitudes, and/or skills which are needed to help each
        individual (team) achieve the stated outcome?
    5. Are the training materials/environment designed and organized in ways that are most conducive for individuals
        (teams) to achieve the needed learning?
    6. Does the end-of-program evaluation provide valid evidence that individuals (teams) have fused the knowledge,
        attitudes, procedures, and/or team-work skills, as well as learningtransfer strategies, well enough to produce
        the desired end result?
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Revised:  August 29, 2011