3243 AdmGuide_Attendance at Educational Meetings

Attendance at educational meetings shall be controlled by the Superintendent in accordance with Board of
Education policy.
Educational meetings are intended to include professional conventions, conferences, workshops, drive-ins, etc.,
which are conducted for the purpose of disseminating information, making inquiries into the nature of an
educational problem, etc.
    A. Staff members should request leave to attend educational meetings in advance of the meeting to allow for
        proper approval.
    B. Attendance shall be limited to those staff members who have responsibilities directly related to the topics
        dealt with at a meeting and have participated in similar activities conducted with the District or the local area.
    C. Other staff members requesting attendance whose responsibilities are not directly related must show cause
        why attendance is necessary and what benefit the District may receive from their attendance.
    D. Staff members attending a meeting will make a summary report to the Superintendent and indicate the ways
        in which what was learned will be applied within the District.
    E. Reimbursement for travel, rooms, meals, and other meeting expenses shall be made, within budgetary
        constraints, on the basis of itemized expense accounts.
    F. Travel reimbursement amounts shall be updated annually by the business department.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Revised:  August 29, 2011
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 31, 2011, 9:06 AM