3422e AdmGuide_Selected Employees Benefits

Select Employee Classifications:
    A. Non-Exempt
        The following positions are non-exempt select employees:
            1. Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
            2. Administrative Assistant to the Director of Business Services
            3. Assistant Manager of Buildings and Grounds
            4. Human Resources Specialist
            5. District Testing Data & Grant Coordinator
            6. Computer Support Specialist
            7. Communications Technology Specialist
            8. Data Manager
            9. Maintenance Electrician I, II
    B. Exempt
        The following positions are exempt select employees:
            1. Recreation Department Program Coordinators
            2. Maintenance/Operations Supervisor
            3. Athletic Director
            4. Network Administrator
            5. Purchasing Supervisor
            6. District Technology Coordinator
            7. Long Range Plan Coordinator & Community/Alumni Liason
            8. School Nurse (221 Days)
Non-Exempt Employee Vacation Scheduling Guidelines
The immediate supervisor shall approve the scheduling of vacation days with final approval determined by the
Director of Human Resources. Conflicts in vacation time requests will be resolved by use of years of services and
the needs of the affected departments.
Employees have the option to change their vacation schedules. An employee will request a change in the vacation
schedule at least two (2) months in advance whenever possible. The administrator/supervisor will consider
extraordinary circumstances on an individual basis when an employee requests a vacation schedule change with
less than two (2) months notice.
An employee requesting a change in his/her vacation schedule cannot bump another employee's previously
planned vacation (if done by May 1 for the coming year).
An employee with four (4) or more weeks of vacation may convert up to one (1) week of vacation to sick leave
days. The employee will designate one (1) to five (5) days of vacation time to be converted to sick leave days by
May 1 for the following year. If by June 30 of the following year, the employee has not needed to use these days for
vacation, the employee will be credited with the sick leave days in accordance with the District's sick leave policy
and accrual limitations.
Vacations are not cumulative and must be taken within the vacation year of July 1 through June 30 of the following
year unless a written request is filed with the administrator and/or designated director and approved by the Director
of Human Resources.
Upon termination of employment an employee shall be paid for any unused vacation to which he/she is entitled as
of the preceding July 1.
Vacations may be taken in increments of one-half day, or smaller increments with the supervisor’s approval, for a
maximum of one week of an employee's vacation time in a year.
Approved/Adopted:  June 11, 2012
Revised/Approved:  August 6, 2012
Revised/Approved:  January 14, 2014
Sharon Weinstock,
Jan 22, 2014, 7:05 AM