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5111 AdmGuide_Eligibility of Resident_Nonresident

Students new to the City of Wauwatosa may be enrolled in the Wauwatosa School District upon proof of
residency. The district requires two original documents be presented. (Please see list below) To enroll your
student, bring the residency documents to the appropriate school office along with:
    A. An original or copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport;
    B. The child’s immunization record;
    C. High school students only: recent transcript.
Please note that in a shared custody situation, the student must sleep a minimum of 50% of their time with the
parent residing in Wauwatosa in order to be considered a resident.
Important: Students are not considered registered and eligible to enroll until the residency verification process is complete.
Students who do not reside in the City of Wauwatosa may apply to attend through either the statewide Open
Enrollment program or Milwaukee Chapter 220 programs. Please see our website or call Student Services for more
Two documents are needed to prove residency in the district. At least one document must be from column A, and
the second document may be from column A or B. Documents from column B must have been mailed to the
resident address in the Wauwatosa School District within 30 days before or five days after registration. Note that
the documents must include the address of the residence within the district. In extenuating circumstances,
administration will review other documentation and determine eligibility.
Column A (including resident address)             Column B (including resident address)
*Current Property tax statement                      *Current month’s utility bill (water or WE Energy)
*Mortgage document                                      *Auto or health insurance statement
*A closing statement for purchasing a home     *Food Share/Quest benefits
*A signed current resident lease (including
the landlord’s name, address and phone
*Written current status from landlord or
cancelled check for current month’s rent
If you are living with a Wauwatosa resident both you and the Wauwatosa resident will be required to fill out
residency forms, the Wauwatosa resident will need to bring a proof of residency from column A and B and the
person living with the resident will be required to bring two items from column B.
Important: Students are not considered registered and eligible to enroll until the residency vverification process is complete.
Wisconsin State Statute 121.77 requires that students attend school in their district of residence and school
districts charge tuition to non-resident students. The district investigates and verifies residency, assesses tuition
when appropriate and will prosecute if necessary to recover tuition.
We ask for your cooperation as we work together to provide the best education possible for your child.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009 
Sharon Weinstock,
Jul 29, 2011, 5:41 AM