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5114 AdmGuide_Foreign Exchange Students

The District shall use the following guidelines established by the CSIET (Council on Standards for International
Educational Travel) in selecting and enrolling all foreign-exchange students.
    A. Sponsoring Organizations
        Any of the organizations listed below are approved sponsoring organizations:
            1. American Field Service, International/Intercultural Programs
            2. International Youth Exchange Program (Rotary International)
            3. Any other nonprofit organization which can document approval by the Council on Standards for
                International Educational Travel (CSIET).
    B. Selection
            1. Selection is limited to no more than eight (8) secondary school students who have sufficient
                knowledge of English to enable them to function in an English-speaking environment without the use of
                an interpreter.
            2. The sponsoring organization shall be responsible for the selection of the host family(s) and shall
                document, prior to enrollment, that a host family has been established.
            3. Agreements between the sponsoring organization, the student's parents, and the student must clearly
                delineate the sponsoring organization's rules as well as costs and refund policies and must be
                submitted at the time of enrollment. The District shall provide copies of the Student Handbook which
                shall be a part of such agreements.
            4. The principal shall send written acceptance of the student to the sponsoring organization and the
                student by the date agreed upon by the sponsor and the District.
            5. The host family must resolve in the Wauwatosa School District.
    C. Enrollment and Other Conditions
        The sponsor shall provide evidence of proper immunization (see AG 5320) and medical insurance coverage for
        the student.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Jul 29, 2011, 5:56 AM