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5531 AdmGuide_Student Assistance Programs

As indicated in Board of Education Policy 5531, the District is committed to providing students assistance in
dealing with problems they encounter that affect their daily lives and impact negatively on their willingness and/or
ability to learn.
District-Level Leadership
In order to ensure that assistance programs are properly planned and operate effectively, a committee to be known
as the Student Services Steering Committee will be established under the chairmanship of Director of Student
The purpose of the SAP Steering Committee is to:
    A. Ensure that every student is achieving and learning to the maximum extent possible. The SAP will review
        proactive/Tier I activities available to students across the District.
    B. Determine the nature and scope of the District's involvement in SAPs, which may include but not be limited
        to the following "at-risk" situations:
            1. Substance abuse
            2. Pregnancy and other problems associated with sexual behavior
            3. Alienation and other emotional difficulties
            4. Dysfunctional behaviors that affect willingness or ability to learn
            5. Reactions to suicide and other crisis situations
    C. Develop an overall plan for its own operation, as well as for the SAPs using planning guidelines and including
        provisions for obtaining community input from TOSA United and for review of each SAPs plan of action
    D. Identify or review training needs of staff members and other resource people participating in a SAP
    E. Establish a means for evaluating the effectiveness of each SAP
    F. Establish procedures for maintaining effective oral/written communications
    G. Ensure that proper and effective communication is maintained between the SAP Steering Committee and
        different SAPs, among the SAPs, and between the District and outside organizations and agencies that
        relate with the student assistance programs
The chairman is to ensure that the Committee meets on a regular basis with a prepared agenda and that the
purposes of the Committee are being met.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 1, 2011, 7:25 AM