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5610.03 AdmGuide_Enrollment of Students Expelled from Other School Districts

The following procedure shall be used to request enrollment of students in the Wauwatosa School District who
have been expelled from other school districts:
    A. As part of the enrollment process, all students new to the School District will be required to document the
        circumstances of their withdrawal from their previous school (district).
    B. If the enrollment form indicates that the student is in a period of expulsion from another Wisconsin school
        district, an application for enrollment will be completed by the parent or guardian of the student and returned
        to the building principal.
    C. The principal will forward the completed application to the Director of Student Services who will request from
        the previous school district:
            1. A copy of the expulsion findings and other;
            2. A written explanation of the reasons why the student was expelled; and
            3. The length of the term of the expulsion.
    D. Upon receipt of the information from the previous school district, the Director of Student Services will arrange
        a conference between the Director, the building principal, the Superintendent of Schools, the parent, and the
        student to review the circumstances of the expulsion and make a determination about admission to the
        Wauwatosa School District.
    E. The results of the conference will be communicated to the parents and building principal in writing.
    F. If it is determined upon receipt of student records that a student is under the provisions of an expulsion order
        and 120.13 and did not disclose this information at the time of enrollment in school, the Wauwatosa School
        District retains the right to immediately withdraw the student from the District under the provisions of State
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009