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5610a AdmGuide_Students Subject to Expulsion But Not Identified as Eligible for Special Education

School requests expulsion
Student claims disability (not previously identified) and that school had knowledge
School deemed to have knowledge if:
    A. Parent has expressed concern in writing (unless the parent is illiterate in English or has disability that
        prevents a written statement) to school personnel that student is in need of special education and related
        services; or
    B. Behavior/performance of student demonstrates need for services; or
    C. Parent/student has requested an evaluation; or
    D. Student's teacher or other school personnel has expressed concern to director of special education or other
        personnel regarding student's behavior/performance.
School must evaluate and hold I.E.P. Team prior to proceeding with expulsion IF request for evaluation is made
during expulsion period
Expedited evaluation is performed while student stays in educational placement determined by school authorities.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009