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5830 AdmGuide_Student Fund-raising

The following procedures are to be followed for any activity that involves fundraising by students and from students.
In any fundraising activity involving students, the following conditions must be met:
    A. Minimal instructional time is to be used to plan, conduct, assess, or manage a fundraising activity unless
        such an activity is part of an approved course of study.
    B. Fund-raising activities conducted in a school or on District premises are not to interfere with the conduct of
        any co-curricular or extra-curricular activity. Students involved in the fundraiser are not to interfere with
        students participating in other activities in order to solicit funds.
    C. Student participation in fund-raising activities conducted by school-related groups of which they are not
        members must be voluntary and must be approved by the student's teacher or counselor to ensure that
        participation will not adversely affect his/her school work and other school responsibilities.
    D. No student of any age may participate in off-District fund-raising activities without proper supervision by
        approved staff or other adults.
    E. In accordance with Board policy, each fund-raising activity must be approved by the principal if occurring on
        District premises and by the Superintendent if occurring off District property. In order to be approved, the
        group leader or advisor is to submit a proposal in advance of the event so that all fund-raising efforts may be
        coordinated so as not to burden or be a nuisance to students, faculty, parents, or the community.
    F. Contracts with outside suppliers for merchandise to be sold in a fund-raising activity are to be reviewed by the
        principal and signed by the staff member in charge who is personally responsible for the merchandise and
        monies collected. The contract must specify that any merchandise which is unsold and is resaleable can be
        returned for full credit. The District will not be responsible for any unsold merchandise that cannot be returned
        to a supplier for credit for any reason.
    G. The staff member in charge should establish procedures to ensure that all merchandise is properly stored,
        distributed, and accounted for.
    H. No staff member is to accept any special gifts or bonuses of more than nominal value offered by an outside
        supplier or vendor for any reason or purpose.
    I.  Fund-raising activities off District premises shall be voluntary.
    J.  If an activity involves the students providing a service in return for money, such as a car wash, a member of
        the professional staff shall supervise the activity at all times.
    K. Any fund-raisers that require students to exert themselves physically beyond their normal pattern of activity,
        such as "runs for.....", must be monitored by a staff member who has the necessary knowledge and training
        to recognize and deal appropriately with a situation in which one or more students may be over-extending
        themselves to the point of potential harm.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 1, 2011, 8:37 AM