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7550 AdmGuide_Interlibrary Loan

The District provides a wide range of materials (print and non-print) that support and enhance the curriculum and
reflect the varying needs of students and staff. In this information-rich era, no school library media center can afford
to be self-sufficient. A library's ability to both provide access and gain access to resources beyond its walls is a
measure of success.
For this reason, the District participates in Wisconsin's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Program. This means that we borrow
and loan materials in cooperation with other libraries, in compliance with Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan protocol.
The District library media staff will provide resources to meet the needs of its students and staff. Materials
borrowed from another library will be limited to those items that conform to the District's selection policy or for
which there is no recurring demand.
In borrowing from other libraries Wauwatosa School District Library Media Centers will:
    A. Provide interlibrary loan services to students and staff.
    B. Make resources available to students and staff through WISCAT, CESA and other agencies.
    C. Make every effort to exhaust its own resources before making a loan request.
    D. Make ILL requests through Clinton Public Library.
    E. Make every effort to borrow from Wauwatosa Public Library or a library in the surrounding area.
    F. Make every effort to consistently follow copyright rules and fair use guidelines.
    G. See that all items are returned to lending libraries on time and in good condition.
    H. Adhere to any restrictions that the lending library places on the use of their items.
    I.  Make it understood that individuals who lose or damage ILL materials, or who incur late charges, are liable for
        all costs.
    J. Make it understood that requests for books may take up to three (3) weeks or longer.
The District library media centers will lend materials to all libraries that participate in the Wisconsin Interlibrary
Loan Program. Each loan will be made at the discretion of the lending library, with the understanding that the
needs of Wauwatosa School District students and staff will take precedence.
In lending to other libraries, the Wauwatosa School District library media centers will:
    A. Loan all non-reference books (fiction, non-fiction, paperback and professional).
    B. Not check out materials currently checked out, audio/visuals, software, reference books and reserve items.
    C. Promptly send materials directly to the library or school making the request or notify them if the material is
        not available.
The borrowing library and its user must comply with the conditions of loan established by the lending library media center.
    A. Materials may be borrowed for three (3) weeks.
    B. There is no cost for borrowing material unless copies are provided.
    C. The borrowing library/user is responsible for any cost incurred for damaged or lost material.
    D. The borrowing library must return materials in a timely manner.
The safety of borrowed materials is the responsibility of the borrowing library from the time it leaves the lending
library until it is returned and in possession of the lending library. The borrowing library is responsible for packing
the materials to ensure its return in good condition or pay all the costs of replacement or repair.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 3, 2011, 11:55 AM