8462 Operations_Child Abuse or Neglect

In compliance with Board of Education policy and State statute, staff members are required to report to the proper
legal authorities any reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect. The child may suffer from physical abuse
and neglect, sexual abuse and/or emotional maltreatment. Basically, physical abuse is the non-accidental,
physical injury of a child; physical neglect is the failure to provide proper parental care, support medical attention,
and education for a child; sexual abuse is any indecent sexual activity in the family; and emotional maltreatment is
failure to provide warmth, attention, supervision and/or normal living experiences for a child.
In this respect, the following are considered signs of such abuse or neglect and should be reported immediately:
    A. Physical injury inflicted on a child by other than accidental means ;
    B. Sexual intercourse or sexual contact or failure by a person responsible for the welfare of a child under sixteen
        (16) years of age who has knowledge that another person intends to or has had sexual intercourse or contact
        with the child to take action to protect a child from the assault or repeat of the assault and the person is
        emotionally and physically capable of taking appropriate action;
    C. Sexual exploitation of a child as defined by Wis. Stats. 948.05 or a person responsible for the welfare of a
        child who knowingly permits, allows, or encourages a child to engage in sexuallyexplicit conduct as
        described by the statute;
    D. Causing a child to view or listen to sexual activity;
    E. Causing a child to expose his/her genitals or pubic area or exposes his/her genitals or pubic area to a child;
    F. Emotional damage for which a child's parent has neglected, refused, or been unable for reasons other than
        poverty to obtain the necessary treatment to ameliorate the symptoms.
A child who is being abused may also:
    A. Be hyperactive;
    B. Act fearful of adults;
    C. Cling to adults;
    D. Be anxious, tense, and nervous.
Procedure for Reporting
All reasonable causes to suspect abuse or neglect are to be reported to the building principal of the school where
the child attends and to one of the following, by telephone or in person: 
    • Police
      Sensitive Crimes Division
      Telephone:  (414) 935-7405
    • Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare (BMCW)
      Telephone:  (414) 220-7233
            A licensed child welfare agency under contract with the BMCW
                Integrated Family Services
                Telephone:  (414) 604-5800
                Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin
                Telephone:  (414) 220-7700
If an employee needs any assistance in reporting an allegation of abuse or neglect, the employee should consult
with his or her building principal for assistance.
Suspected Abuse/Neglect by Parents
Parents who are abusing their child may:
    A. Be reluctant to give information;
    B. Describe a story that doesn't fit the injury;
    C. Have an inappropriate reaction to severity of injury;
    D. Express unreasonable expectations for child's performance;
    E. Claim conditions that do not exist, e.g., "S/He bruises easily;” "S/He moves constantly" (Child sits quietly).
    F. Indicate family problems such as marital discord, crowding, financial stress, psychological disorders,
        retardation, alcohol or drug addiction, etc.
When it is necessary to deal with parents who are suspected of child abuse, the staff member should try to be
sympathetic and communicate a readiness to help. Parents are often beset by serious personal problems and
possibly were themselves abused or neglected as children.
Suspected Abuse by Staff Members
If a staff member is suspected of abuse, his/her supervisor should be notified immediately and the matter kept in
strict confidence by the reporting person. The supervisor shall follow the District's dueprocess procedures for
dealing with an employee's real or alleged violation of any law or District policy. This procedure does not negate the
requirement for the reporting person to report the suspected abuse to the proper agency.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Revised:  February 13, 2012
Sharon Weinstock,
Feb 14, 2012, 1:27 PM