8660 Operations_Transporting Students with Disabilities by Private Vehicle

These guidelines are to be followed whenever a staff member will be transporting students by a private vehicle
whether it be his/her vehicle or some other person's. This guideline does not apply if the vehicle is a bus or van
chartered from a licensed operator. In such cases, the Transportation Department shall be responsible for
arranging for the chartered vehicle.
    A. Determine that transportation by District vehicle is either not available or is not feasible.
    B. Make sure that the intended private vehicle is in proper working condition, seat belts are available for each
        passenger, and the vehicle is insured for liability in an appropriate amount.
    C. Any students under the age of twelve (12) who are transported in a private vehicle are to be seated in the rear
        seat(s) of the vehicle.
118.555 Wis. Stats.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009