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9130b Relations_Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

Open discussion of controversial issues is the heart of the democratic process. Only through the study of such
issues--political, economic, or social--do students develop the critical thinking abilities needed for citizenship in our
Any resident or employee of the Wauwatosa School District may request the reconsideration of any materials
used in the District's educational program on the basis of appropriateness.
The principal and/or teacher receiving a complaint regarding particular material shall try to resolve the concern
informally. The principal and other appropriate staff shall explain to the questioner the school's selection procedure.
The principal and other appropriate staff shall explain the particular place the questioned material occupies in the
education program, its intended educational usefulness and additional information regarding its use. If the
questioner wishes to file a formal complaint, a copy of the District's Selection policy and a Request for
Reconsideration of Instructional Material from shall be provided. The complainant shall be asked to file a written
complaint using the Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Material form. The complaint shall be informed
that the material under question will not be permanently removed from use or availability until the review process is
complete. Resolution shall be made within six (6) weeks.
The Superintendent of schools, the Director of Student Learning, the school principal, teacher, area chairperson,
library media specialist or others appropriately associated with the specific material shall be informed of the
concern. A review committee shall be established by the Director of Student Learning.
If the complaint concerns library media, a media committee consisting of a non-involved administrator, a non-
involved teacher and non-involved library media specialist shall examine the materials in response to the written
If the complaint concerns a textbook or supplementary material used in the classroom, the committee shall
consist of a non-involved principal, the appropriate area chairperson and two (2) non-involved teachers from the
instructional area in which the material is used. If the area chairperson is the directly involved teacher, another non-
involved teacher shall replace that person.
When considering complaints, each committee shall:
    A. Keep in mind the Board principles of the students' right to learn rather than focusing totally on the defense of
        individual materials;
    B. Determine if the material is basic, supplementary, resource or library media center based;
    C. Read/view/study material being questioned without taking passages or individual parts of the material out of
    D. Determine if the material being questioned is appropriately applied, used or directed based on the grade, age
        or ability of those who come in contact with it;
    E. Form an objective judgement;
    F. Summarize the judgement of the committee in a written report. If minority opinions are expressed, they are to
        be included in the committee's report.
The written report shall contain a recommendation for action which may affirm, deny or modify the complainant's
    A. File copies of the committee's findings with the office of the Superintendent of Schools, the office of the
        Director of Student Learning, building principal, library media specialist, area chairperson, teacher and
    B. The actions of the committee will be binding within five (5) working days following the presentation of its
        formal response.
The complainant shall have the right to appeal a committee's decision; the appeal should be made to the
Superintendent of Schools. The complainant shall also have the right to the appeal the outcome of the review by
the Superintendent of Schools to the Board of Education.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 3, 2011, 12:14 PM