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9270 Relations_Procedure for Educating a Child at Home

The District has established the following requirements and limitations to home education:
Participation in School
Students who are excused from attendance at school by reason of home education will be deemed to have
withdrawn from enrollment in District schools during the period of home education. Therefore, the student is not
eligible to participate in any of the District's pupil services, programs, or activities including, but not limited to
participation in school-sponsored athletic programs or teams; (Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association
eligibility rules may require that a student must attend the school in which s/he is enrolled before s/he can
The District strongly recommends that the parent maintain a record of the program of instruction including
assessment of what has been learned. This documentation will be important if the child wished to re-enroll in a
District school. Such a record could include:
    A. Resources and books used in the course;
    B. The number of hours devoted to each course of study (800 hours minimum);
    C. Courses of study completed;
    D. A portfolio of work done;
    E. Examples of tests and test scores;
    F. Standardized test scores demonstrating the student's ability.
The home-schooled student will be permitted to take achievement/ability tests normally given at each grade by the
District. This may be done on a fee basis, as determined at the time of the parent request. It is the parent's
responsibility to make the appropriate arrangements with the school principal. The District will not pay for any
standardized testing of students not enrolled in the school district. The student may take tests such as the PSAT,
PLAN, etc. normally given at the high school at the same cost charged District students.
Re-Enrollment in School
If a parent wishes to have his/her child return to a District school, s/he must follow normal enrollment guidelines.
The conditions and assessment procedures described in AG 5463 - Student Transfer from a Nonpublic School will
Students who have been in attendance in a home-based private educational program for a period of ninety (90)
calendar days or more shall furnish the principal or designee with the following documents:
    A. A copy of home-based private educational form-Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction form PI-1206
        (Rev. 1-86);
    B. A copy of the school calendar that verifies that each school term of home-based education instruction
        consisted of a minimum of 875 hours (W.S.s. 118.165(1));
    C. Copies of the sequential curriculum that was taught in the six (6) mandated subject areas (s.118.165(1)(d);
    D. Records of student performance for each course taken.
In grades 9-12, if the student wishes to enroll, the parent should provide an academic assessment report for each
class taken at home. In addition, the school will need the grades from the last public or private school attended
prior to home-based education. Athletic eligibility will be determined by WIAA guidelines and District athletic
Students are encouraged to enroll at the beginning of a semester. 
All home-based, private education courses will be given a grade of P/F (Pass/Fail) and transcripts will denote home
education with P/F grades and "credits" assigned by the parents.  The student's grade-point average will be
established only after s/he has completed four (4) consecutive semesters of attendance at the high school. To be
eligible for awards such as Valedictorian or Salutatorian, Distinguished Scholar, National Honor Society, etc., the
student must be enrolled for four (4) consecutive semesters prior to the second semester of the senior year.
If the student wishes to graduate, s/he must meet the requirements specified in Board Policy 5460 and graduation
guidelines of the high school.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 3, 2011, 12:19 PM