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9700a Relations_Distribution of Materials to Students

Any person or organization wishing to distribute material on school property must first submit for approval a copy of
the material to the Student Learning Office fourteen (14) day(s) in advance of desired distribution, together with the
following information:
    A. Name of the person or organization
    B. Date(s) and time(s) of day of intended distribution
    C. Location where material will be distributed
    D. The grade(s) of students to whom the distribution is intended
    E. Manner in which the material will be distributed
The administration may either approve the distribution of the material or deny it by indicating how it violates Board
Policy 5722, Policy 8800, and Policy 9700, any of the criteria listed below, or a restriction regarding time, place,
and manner. If permission to distribute the material is denied, the person or organization shall have the opportunity
to make necessary revisions and/or deletions and resubmit to the Superintendent for approval.
The distribution may be authorized if the material is:
    A. Related to a current course of study offered by the school;
    B. Tie in with a District-sponsored activity, and will be distributed only to students participating in that activity;
    C. Unrelated to a District activity but is related to an activity for students that is conducted by an approved
        outside organization;
    D. Unrelated to any type of student activity but presents information that will be beneficial to the students
        receiving the material and distribution by other means is either not possible or is not feasible.
Permission to distribute or display material does not imply agreement of its contents by either the administration of
the school, the Superintendent, or the Board.
Time, Place, and Manner of Distribution
The distribution of written material shall be limited to a reasonable time, place, and manner as determined by the
principal who shall ensure that:
    A. No material is distributed or displayed during a time or at a place of a school activity if it is likely to cause a
        substantial disruption of that activity or of other activities;
    B. No material is distributed or displayed if it blocks the safe flow of traffic within corridors and entrance ways of
        the school.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 3, 2011, 12:21 PM