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Bylaws_0170 Duties

0171 Officers


0171.1 President

  The Board President presides over all School Board meetings. The President signs District legal, financial and other documents as required. Working with other Board members and the Superintendent of Schools, the President reviews and plans the agenda for each month’s regularly scheduled School Board meetings. The Board President is responsible for the development of Board officers and other Board members, the orientation of new Board members and the coordination of Board inservices. The President appoints Board members to the Board’s representative posts. The President represents the Board at District and community functions.


  120.15, Wis. Stats.


0171.2 Vice President

The Vice President performs the duties of the President in the President’s absence. The Vice President signs District legal, financial and other documents as required.


  120.15(5), Wis. Stats.


0171.3 Clerk

The Clerk performs the duties of the President in the absence of the President, Vice President and Treasurer. The Clerk signs District legal, financial and other documents as required.


  120.17, Wis. Stats.


0171.4 Treasurer

The Treasurer performs the duties of the President in the absence of the President and Vice President. The Treasurer signs District legal, financial and other documents as required.


  120.16, 66.042 Wis. Stats.


0171.5 Secretary

  At its annual organizational meeting the Board shall designate the Superintendent of Schools as Secretary of the Board. The minutes of Board meetings may be taken by a staff member acting for the secretary.


0172 Legal Counsel

The School Board may employ legal counsel to represent the School District or Board in actions brought for or against the District and to render other legal services for the welfare of the School District.


0173 Independent Auditor

  The independent auditor shall:


  1. examine the balance sheet of the District at the close of its fiscal year and the related statements of transactions in the various funds for the fiscal year then ended;


  1. conduct such examination in accordance with generally-accepted auditing standards and to include such tests of the accounting records and such other auditing procedures as are necessary in the circumstances;


  C. render an opinion of the financial statements prepared at the close of the fiscal year;


  D. make such recommendations to the School Board concerning its accounting records, procedures, and related activities as may appear necessary or desirable;


E. perform such other related services as may be requested by the Board.


  120.14, Wis. Stats.


0174 Reports


0174.1 Annual Report

The School Board Clerk shall file with the Department of Public Instruction (publish) an annual school district report by September 1st in the format prescribed by the Department of Public Instruction as required by law.


0174.2 School Performance Report

The School Board will also publish an annual school and school district performance report including all information prescribed by statute. By January 1st of each year, the School Board shall notify the parents of each student enrolled in the District of the right to request a school and school district performance report. Parents shall be notified that the performance report will be provided to the parent electronically unless the parent requests a written copy of the report. By May 1st, the Board shall distribute copies of the report to those who have requested the report including students enrolled in charter schools located in the District, that have requested the report.


  The School and School District Performance Report will be posted on the District's website [required for those District's that maintain a website]


0174.3 Other Reports

  In addition, the Board shall publish other reports it deems necessary to keep the community and government authorities adequately informed about the operation of the District.


  120.18, Wis. Stats.; 120.38(1), Wis. Stats.

0175 Association Memberships

The School Board may maintain membership in the National School Boards Association and Wisconsin Association of School Boards and may take part in the activities of these groups.


The Board may also maintain institutional memberships in other educational organizations which the Superintendent and Board find to be of benefit to members and District personnel.

Should an individual board member seek or be asked to serve on an outside school association, committee or group, Board approval is required prior to assuming role.


  The materials and other benefits of these memberships will be distributed and used to the best advantage of the Board and staff.


0175.1 School Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

  The School Board recognizes the value of membership and attendance at conferences and meetings at the local, County, State, and National level.


  Attendance at local, County, State and National workshops and conferences is encouraged.


 Each Board member is expected to report back to the Board after attending a conference at District expense.  Expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with Bylaw 0144.1.


  Travel and personal expenses of spouse, children, or other guest traveling with a Board member shall be the responsibility of the Board member or of the individual. Expenses for convention functions attended as a group will be borne by the District within budgetary limits.

Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009

Revised:  November 22, 2010

Revised:  February 8, 2016

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