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1241 Policy_Non-Reemployment of the Superintendent

The Board of Education has an obligation to the citizens of this District to employ the professional leadership best
trained and equipped to meet the educational needs of their children. It shall meet that obligation by retaining only
a highly-qualified person as Superintendent for this District.
If the services of the Superintendent are found to be unsatisfactory to the Board, s/he shall be notified by the
President and given an opportunity to correct the conditions.
If his/her services continue to be unsatisfactory, the Superintendent shall be notified in writing by the President, as
approved by the Board.
If the Board intends to non-renew a contract, it shall give the Superintendent written preliminary notice by
registered mail at least five (5) months prior to the expiration of the contract.
If the Superintendent files a written request with the Board within seven (7) days after receiving such notice, the
Administrator has a right to a hearing prior to being given the notice of non-renewal of the contract. The
Superintendent may request a public or private-hearing and request that the Board provide its reasons for non-
renewal, in writing, prior to the hearing.
At least four (4) months prior to the expiration of the contract of an administrator, the Board shall provide notice, in
writing, of either renewal of the contract or refusal to renew such contract. No person may be employed or
dismissed except by a majority vote of the full Board.
Non-renewal of administrative contracts shall be consistent with State law and with the provisions of the
employment contract between the Board and the Superintendent.
By mutual agreement of the Board and the Superintendent, the employment contract may be modified or
See also Policy 3143 which applies to administrators other than the Superintendent.
118.24(6) and (7), Wis. Stats.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 3, 2011, 12:48 PM