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2120 Policy_School-based Leadership

School-based leadership is an approach to improve education by increasing decision-making authority and

accountability at the school site. It is a process that involves the individuals responsible for implementing decisions
in actually making those decisions. When possible, decisions are made at the level closest to the issue being addressed, based on consultation of all those affected by the decision.


Each school maintains a method of obtaining input from parents, staff and community members,and, when appropriate, students related to the school environment and instruction. At each school ,a decision-making process should be established to address issues that may arise and to assure the decision-making is consistent with the District’s long range plan.


The District has the responsibility to monitor the process used by each school. District resources will be used to assist the schools in providing quality education. Principals are expected to involve District personnel who may be affected by a school-based decision, prior to the school’s deliberation on the topic.


A school-based leadership plan identifies specific goals and expectations of the site-based leadership practice and delineates types of decisions that should be addressed at both local school and District levels. It provides a process to address the issues that are not specifically categorized either local or District.


Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009

Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 5, 2011, 9:13 AM