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2220 Policy_Adoption of Courses of Study

The Board of Education shall provide a comprehensive instructional program to serve the educational needs of the students of this District. In furtherance of this goal and pursuant to law, the Board shall periodically adopt courses of study.


The Board shall determine which units of the instructional program constitute courses of study and are thereby subject to the adoption procedures of the Board. All courses of study taught in the schools of this District will be adopted by the Board.


The Superintendent shall recommend to the Board such courses of study as are deemed to be in the best interests of the students and are needed to comply with State law. The Superintendent's recommendation shall include the following information about each course of study:


  1. Its applicability to students and an enumeration of those groups of students to be affected by it;

  2. The intended learning overview;
  1. Its units and key concepts of instructional time needed to accomplish the key concepts at each level;

  2. Its justification in terms of the goals of this District, especially when it is proposed to take the place of an existing course of study;

  3. The resources that its implementation will require, including instructional materials, equipment, specially-trained personnel, etc.;

  4. The plan for its continuous assessment which includes criteria and standards; and

  5. Its history as well as data on results, where available.


The plan for student assessment for each course of study should include the criteria and standards that will be used to determine when students may need to participate in remedial, supplemental, or accelerated activities in order to ensure that each student has been provided the opportunity to achieve at his/her optimum level.


Each curriculum is intended to provide a basic framework for instruction and learning. Within this framework, each teacher shall use the curriculum in a manner best designed to meet the needs of the students for whom s/he is responsible. Deviation from its content must be approved in accordance with administrative guidelines.


The Superintendent shall ensure that the appropriate amount of instruction time is allocated to each course of study that comprises the program of each school. The allocation of time is to be determined by the Superintendent and appropriate members of the staff and shall be justified in terms of the amount of time needed for students to accomplish the objectives of the curriculum as well as the District's educational goals.


In keeping with the Board's commitment to the school improvement process, such guidelines shall also provide for the appropriate participation of staff, parents, students, and relevant community members in the review of the District's curriculum.


The Superintendent shall maintain a current list of all courses of study offered by this District.

118.01, Wis. Stats.

Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009

Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 5, 2011, 9:16 AM