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2261.02 Policy_Title I Parents' Right to Know

In accordance with the requirement of Section 1111 of Title I, for each school receiving Title I funds, the
Superintendent shall make sure that all parents of students in that school are notified that they may request, and the District will provide the following information on the student's classroom teachers:

            A.  Whether the teacher(s) have met the State qualification and licensing criteria for the grade

                  level and subject areas they are teaching.
            B.    Whether the teacher(s) is teaching under any emergency or provisional status in which the

      State requirements have been waived.

C.   The undergraduate major of the teacher(s) and the area of study and any certificates for any

      graduate degrees earned.

D.   The qualifications of any paraprofessionals providing services to their child(ren).

E.    In addition, the parents shall be provided:

     1.  Information on the level of achievement of their child(ren) on the required State academic

     2.  Timely notice if the parent's child has been assigned, or has been taught for four (4) or

          more consecutive weeks by, a teacher who is not "highly qualified.”


The notices and information shall be provided in an understandable format, and to the extent possible, in a language the parent(s) understand.


20 U.S.C. 6311, Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965
34 C.F.R. Part 200 et seq.




Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009

Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 5, 2011, 9:32 AM