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2400 Policy_Physical Education

State law requires a student to earn 1.5 credits of physical education, for graduation, which must be taken over
three separate years.
Further, the Wauwatosa School District, in alignment with section 118.33 (1) (e) of state statutes, allows high
school students the Wisconsin Physical Education Option, which means a student who participates in a sport or
other organized, sanctioned physical activity may, in lieu of .5 credit of physical education, fulfill that .5 credit of
physical education by completing an additional .5 credit of English, social studies, mathematics, science, or
health education provided the following additional requirements are met.
The student shall: 
  • Provide evidence of participation in a qualifying sport or other organized physical activity as
  • defined by administrative guidelines;
  • Satisfy any other conditions identified in administrative guidelines to meet eligibility for the
  • Wisconsin Physical Education Option.
Adopted:  November 5, 2012
Sharon Weinstock,
Nov 7, 2012, 7:12 AM