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2414 Policy_Human Growth and Development

The Board of Education directs that students receive instruction in human growth and development, consistent
with Chapter 118.019(2) Wis. Stats, to include the following:
    A. The importance of communication about sexuality and decision making about sexual behavior between the
        student and the student's parents, guardians, or other family member
    B. Reproductive and sexual anatomy and physiology, including biological, psychosocial, and emotional
        changes that accompany maturation
    C. Puberty, pregnancy, parenting, body image, and gender stereotypes
    D. The skills needed to make responsible decisions about sexuality and sexual behavior throughout the
        student's life, including how to refrain from making inappropriate verbal, physical, and sexual advances and
        how to recognize, rebuff, and report any unwanted or inappropriate verbal, physical, and sexual behaviors
    E. The benefits of and reasons for abstaining from sexual activity
        Instruction under this subdivision shall stress the value of abstinence as the most reliable way to prevent
        pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
    F. The health benefits, side effects, and proper use of contraceptives and barrier methods approved by the
        Federal Food and Drug Administration to prevent pregnancy and barrier methods approved by the Federal
        Food and Drug Administration to prevent sexually transmitted infections
    G. Methods for developing healthy life skills, including setting goals, making responsible decisions,
        communicating, and managing stress
    H. How alcohol and drug use affect responsible decision making
    I. The impact of media on one’s peers on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to sexuality;
        1. Use instructional methods and materials that do not promote bias against students of any race, gender,
            religion, sexual orientation, or ethnic or cultural background or against sexually active students or children
            with disabilities
        2. Promote self-esteem and positive interpersonal skills, with an emphasis on healthy relationships, including
            friendships, marriage, and romantic and familial relationships
        3. Identify counseling, medical, and legal resources for survivors of sexual abuse and assault, including
            resources for escaping violent relationships
    J. Include age- and content-appropriate instruction regarding the understanding of sexual orientation and gender
        identity, provide resources for students who have additional questions about these issues, and identify and
        discourage discriminatory and/or bullying behavior based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
The Superintendent will ensure that instruction in marriage and parental responsibility is provided and
that instruction, when age-appropriate, fulfills the requirements of Chapter 118.019(2r) Wis. Stats. as
listed below:
    A. The criminal penalties for engaging in sexual activities involving a child under Ch. 948
    B. The sex offender registration requirements under Section 301.45

        Instruction under this paragraph shall include who is required to report under s. 301.45, what information must
        be reported, who has access to the information reported, and the implications of being registered under
        Section 301.45.
A citizens' advisory committee shall be established, in accordance with Board Policy 9140 and 118.019(5), Wis.
Stats., in order to ensure the effective participation of staff, parents and health-care professionals in the design and
implementation of this program area. The committee shall review the curriculum at least every three (3) years.
The District shall provide parents annually with an outline of the human growth and development program used in
their child's grade level as well as information regarding how the parent may inspect the complete program and
instructional materials. Prior to use in the classroom, the program shall be made available to parents for
The District shall notify the parents, in advance of the instruction and give them an opportunity, prior to instruction,
to review the complete program and instructional materials and of their right to have their child excused from the
115.35, 118.019, Wis. Stats.
P.I. 8.01(2)(j), Wis. Adm. Code
Revised 1/24/11
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 5, 2011, 9:40 AM