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2430 Policy_District-sponsored Clubs and Activities

The Board of Education believes that the goals and objectives of this District are best achieved by a diversity of
learning experiences, including those that are not conducted in a regular classroom but are directly related to the
The purpose of curricular-related activities shall be to enable students to explore a wider range of individual
interests than may be available in the District's courses of study.
For purposes of this policy, curricular-related activities are defined as those activities in which:
    A. The subject matter is actually taught or will be taught in a regularly offered course;
    B. The subject matter concerns the District's composite courses of study;
    C. Participation is required for a particular course; and
    D. Participation results in academic credit.
No curricular-related activity shall be considered to be under the sponsorship of this Board unless it meets one or
more of the criteria stated above and has been approved by the Superintendent.
Such activities, along with extra-curricular activities (not directly related to courses of study), may be conducted
on or off school premises by clubs, associations, and organizations of students sponsored by the Board and
directed by a staff advisor.
The Board shall allow nondistrict-sponsored, student clubs and activities during noninstructional time, in
accordance with the provisions in Policy 5730 -- Equal Access For Nondistrict-Sponsored, Student
Clubs and Activities.
Noncurricular, student activities that are initiated by parents or other members of the community may be allowed
under the provisions of Policy 7510 - Use of District Facilities. The Board, however will not:
    A. Assume any responsibility for the planning, conducting, or evaluating of such activities;
    B. Provide any funds or other resources; and
    C. Allow any member of the District's staff to assist in the planning, conducting, or evaluating of such an activity
        during the hours s/he is functioning as a member of the staff.
No nondistrict-sponsored organization may use the name of the School District or any other name which would
associate an activity with the District.
In addition to the eligibility requirements established by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, to be
eligible for any athletic or other extra-curricular activity, a student must not have received a failing grade in any
course for the semester(s) prior to the semester in which s/he wishes to participate.
Students shall be fully informed of the curricular-related activities available to them and of the eligibility standards
established for participation in these activities. District-sponsored activities shall be available to all students who
elect to participate and who meet eligibility standards.
The Superintendent shall prepare administrative procedures to implement a program of curricular-related clubs and
activities. Such procedures should ensure that the needs and interests of the students are properly assessed and
procedures are established for continuing evaluation of each club and activity.
Whenever a student becomes a member of a District-established student group or national organization such as
the National Honor Society, in order to remain a member, s/he must continue to meet all of the eligibility criteria
and abide by the principles and practices established by the group or the organization.
120.12(23), Wis. Stats.
P.L. 98-377
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 5, 2011, 9:44 AM