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2623 Policy_Student Assessment

The Superintendent shall ensure assessment of student achievement and needs in all areas of the curriculum in
order to determine the progress of students and to assist them in attaining District goals. Each student's
proficiencies and needs will be assessed by staff members upon his/her entrance into the District and annually
thereafter. Procedures for such assessments will include, but need not be limited to, teacher observation
techniques, cumulative student records, student performance data collected through standard testing programs,
and student portfolios.
The Superintendent shall develop a program of testing and balanced assessment that may include but need not be
limited to:
    A. State-required tests;
    B. Criteria-based written and oral examinations which include use of alternative questions, demonstrations,
        writing exercises, individual and group projects, performances, portfolios, and samples of best work;
    C. Common assessments;
    D. Achievement tests; and
    E. Vocational inventories.
The Superintendent shall annually inform the Board of the program of student assessment and these results.
The Board requires that:
    A. Tests be administered by persons who are qualified under State law and regulation;
    B. Parents be informed of the testing program of the schools and of the special tests that are to be
        administered to their children;
    C. Data regarding individual test scores be entered on the student's cumulative record, where it will be subject
        to the policy of this Board regarding student records; and
    D. The results of each school-wide, program-wide, and District-wide test be made part of the public record.
All students shall participate in the State-required tests, unless excluded by an I.E.P. or Section 504 plan.
118.30, Wis. Stats.
P.I. 8.01(2r/s), Wis. Adm. Code
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 5, 2011, 9:52 AM