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2700.01 Policy_School Performance Report

The Board of Education believes that a vital component of the District’s educational programs is ensuring that
parents and other individuals are informed of the performance of the schools and the school district. To this end,
the Board has adopted this policy.
State School Performance Report
The Board of Education will publish an annual school and school district performance report including all
information prescribed by statute. By January 1st of each year the School Board shall notify the parents of each
student enrolled in the District of the right to request a school and school district performance report. Parents shall
be notified that the performance report will be provided to the parent electronically unless the parent requests a
written copy of the report. By May 1st, the Board shall distribute copies of the report to those who have requested,
the report including, students enrolled in charter schools located in the District, that have requested the report.
The annual school and school district report shall be made available on the District's internet website for public
The report shall generally include the following information, as required or modified by the State Superintendent:
    A. Indicators of academic achievement, including the performance of students on Statewide assessment
        examinations by subject area;
    B. Dropout, attendance, retention in grade and graduation rates;
    C. Percentage of habitual truants, percentage of students participating in extracurricular and community
        activities and advanced placement courses;
    D. Percentage of graduates in postsecondary educational programs and percentage of graduates entering the
    E. Number of suspensions and expulsions, the reasons for, and duration of, the suspensions and expulsions
        and the length of time students are expelled;
    F. Staffing and financial data information;
    G. Number and percentage of resident students attending a course in a nonresident district and the number and
        percentage of nonresident students attending a course in the district; and
    H. Method of reading instruction used in the District
Title I Provisions of the School Performance Report
In any year that the District receives Title I funding, its school performance report must also include the following
    A. The number and percentage of schools identified for school improvement and how long they have been in that
    B. A comparison of the achievement by the Districts' students on the Statewide academic assessment to the
        achievement of students in the State as a whole;
    C. For each school, whether it has been identified for school improvement, and a comparison of the school’s
        student achievement on the Statewide achievement assessments and other adequate yearly progress
        indicators to those students in the District and the State as a whole;
    D. Aggregated achievement information on State assessments in math, reading or language arts, and science;
    E. Achievement information for math, reading or language arts, and science disaggregated by race, ethnicity,
        disability, gender, migrant status, English proficiency, and status as economically disadvantaged, except in
        cases where numbers are too small to be statistically robust or where the results would reveal personally
        identifiable information about an individual student;
    F. The percentage of students not tested, disaggregated with the same conditions as in paragraph E above;
    G. Information that can be used to compare actual achievement levels with State objectives for each group;
    H. The most recent two (2) year trend data in achievement by subject area and grade level in areas where
        assessments are required;
    I. Aggregate information on State indicators used to determine adequate yearly progress in achieving State
       academic achievement indicators;
    J. Graduation rates for high school students;
    K. Information about the performance of the district making adequate yearly progress, including the number and
        names of schools identified for school improvement under "Consequences for Low-Performing Schools;” and
    L. The professional qualifications of teachers, the percentage of such teachers teaching with emergency or
        provisional credentials, and the percentage of classes not taught by "highly qualified" teachers, both in the
        aggregate and disaggregated by high-poverty compared to low-poverty schools.
This information must be disseminated annually, not later than the beginning of the school year, to all buildings
and all parents, and made widely available through public means such as posting on the Internet and distribution
to local media and public agencies. Distribution to parents should be in an understandable format and in a
language the parents can understand. This report to parents may be included with the student report cards at the
end of the year, if all students receive report cards.
115.38, Wis. Stats.
20 U.S.C. 6311
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 5, 2011, 9:53 AM