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3120.10 Policy Job Sharing

The District will provide the opportunity for job sharing by two (2) staff members under the following conditions.

  1. Financial Considerations: The District will consider job share requests only if the cost of employing two (2) staff members on a half-time basis does not exceed the cost of employing one full-time staff member.

    1. Salary: By sharing a full-time position, two (2) staff members receive fifty percent (50%) of their regular full-time salary.

    1. Benefits:

      1. Part-Time Status: For purposes of benefits outlined in Board Policy 3422a, each member of the job share shall be considered part-time.

      2. Grandfathered Employees (Through 2018-19 Only): Section 1.b.i shall not apply to teachers who are in a job share in the 2015-16 school year and who continue the identical job share in subsequent years. However, notwithstanding the preceding, as of the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, section 1.b.i applies to all teachers in all job shares.

  1. New Job Shares: Staff members must have agreed voluntarily, and in writing, to work together. Two (2) staff members who wish to be considered for a new job sharing arrangement are to submit a request to the principal prior to April 1st.

    1. Components of Job-Share Request: The job-share request shall contain the following information:

      1. A description of how the responsibilities specified in the job description would be divided.

      2. Confirmation that other responsibilities, such as staff meetings, conferences, in-service training, etc. would be met by both staff members.

      3. A description of what plan would be used for staff member evaluation and proper communication with affected parties.

      4. A description of the process which would be used for communicating with supervisors and other staff members throughout the year.

      5. A description of how the job-sharing of a teaching position would be introduced to the students so as to provide for consistent classroom procedures, expectations, and discipline.

b. The principal may approve, sign and forward the plan to the Director of Human Resources, who will review all plans prior to the granting of final approval.

  1. Continuing Job Shares: All requests for continuing a job-sharing assignment must be submitted to the principal by February 1st for the following school year. The job share request shall contain all the components outlined in section 2.a of this policy. The principal may approve, sign and forward the plan to the Director of Human Resources, who will review all plans prior to the granting of final approval.

  2. Return to Full-Time: The District's commitment to any job-sharing arrangement is limited to one (1) year with authority given to the principal to renew the arrangement. If a staff member wishes to return to a full-time position for the following school year, a request is to be submitted to his/her principal by no later than February 1st of the current school year. Staff members requesting to return to a full-time position will have full return rights, provided there is a position available for which the staff member is licensed and qualified.

Approved/Adopted:  August 29, 2011

Revised: December 14, 2015
Nathan Marinan,
Dec 15, 2015, 7:06 AM