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3141 Policy_Grievance Procedure

Pursuant to state law, the Board of Education provides a grievance procedure for employees to provide for timely
and effective resolution of concerns that arise regarding employee terminations, employee discipline and workplace
The Superintendent shall adopt an administrative rule that specifies the process that will be followed by both the
Administration and an employee for filing and processing grievances. The Administrative Guidelines shall provide
for an appeal to an Independent Hearing Officer (IHO) and shall provide that the Board of Education is the highest
level of appeal for this procedure.
The Superintendent shall ensure the appointment of qualified individuals to serve as Independent Hearing Officers.
For the purpose of this policy, the Superintendent may only designate an individual as an IHO, consistent with the
following minimum requirements:
    • The hearing officer shall be (1) an attorney who is licensed to practice in the State of Wisconsin; or (2) such
      other individuals deemed qualified by the School Board provided that the Board, upon recommendation by the
      Superintendent, affirmatively approves such individual’s alternative qualifications prior to the person serving as
      a hearing officer;
    • If the hearing officer is an attorney, that individual may be an attorney who (or whose firm) represents the
      district in some other capacity only if (1) there is no evidence of bias toward either party; and (2) the attorney, 
      or another attorney from the same firm, is not representing the District in any capacity in connection with the
      grievance in question;
    • The hearing officer shall not be an employee of the District;
    • Due to their background and experience, hearing officers may be identified based on their suitability to hear
      grievances over particular issues; and
    • The hearing officer assigned to any pending grievance must be available to hear the case and render a
      decision in a timely manner.
See also Policies 3139, 3140, 3142


Wis. Stat. §66.0509
Revised:  August 29, 2011
Approved/Adopted: July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 29, 2011, 12:12 PM