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5112 Policy_Entrance Age

The Board of Education shall establish student entrance age requirements which are consistent with Wisconsin Law and sound educational practice and which ensure equitable treatment.
A. Kindergarten
    1. A child is eligible for entrance into four year old kindergarten if s/he attains the age of four (4) on or before
        September 1st.
    2. A child is eligible for five year old kindergarten when s/he attains the age of five (5) on or before September
       1st of the year in which s/he applies for entrance and meets residence requirements.
B. First Grade
    A child must be six (6) years of age on or before September 1st in the year in which s/he enrolls and must have
    successfully completed 5-year-old kindergarten.
C. Early Admission
    The District shall prescribe procedures, conditions, and standards for early admission to kindergarten and first
D. Exemptions
    The district shall define procedures and conditions for exemption from 5-year-old kindergarten.
E. Older Students
    A person who is a resident of the District and over twenty (20) years of age may enroll providing the
    Superintendent does not think his/her enrollment will interfere with the education of the other students.

118.14, Wis. Stats.
120.12(25), Wis. Stats.
118.33 (6) (cm)
Revised:  8-8-2011
Approved/Adopted:  8-22-2011
Sharon Weinstock,
Sep 14, 2011, 11:20 AM