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5223 Policy_Absences for Religious Instruction

The Board of Education desires to cooperate with those parents who wish to provide for religious instruction for the
children but also recognizes its responsibility to enforce the attendance
requirements of the State.

The Board shall permit students, with written parental permission, to be absent from school during required school
periods at least sixty (60) minutes but not more than 180 minutes per week to obtain
religious instruction outside
of school.

A student must be properly registered and a copy of such registration must be filed with the principal.  The
supervisor of the religious instruction must report monthly to the District the names of the
students who are
attending the weekly instruction.
The District will assume no liability for a student while attending religious instruction nor will it provide
transportation for such instruction.
No solicitation for attendance at religious instruction shall be permitted on District premises. No member of the
staff shall encourage nor discourage participation in any religious instruction program.
118.155, Wis. Stats.
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Aug 8, 2011, 8:00 AM