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6610 Policy_Student Activity Fund

Student activity funds are those raised by student organizations or donated to them. The activity advisor and the
school principal are responsible for processing and depositing in a school activity account all funds raised by
student fund raising projects or donated to schools for student activity purposes.
Disbursements of these funds shall be solely for the benefit of and for the activities of students. All requests for
disbursement of funds must be approved by the activity advisor and the building principal. In addition, approval of
the Superintendent or designee is required for purchasing capital items such as risers, bleachers, or playground
equipment, fixtures which are to be attached to a building or which require the use of utilities. The Superintendent
or designee shall also approve all purchases from an employee of the District.
Funds which are collected by student organizations, earned through vending machine receipts, or donated to them
or to the school for student activity use are to be deposited in the appropriate account as designated by the
principal. Disbursements from the separate activity accounts shall be identified by source and account to be
charged. Source means, as an example, "Ski Club funds deposited month, day."
Elementary and middle school disbursement will be made by the business office and high school disbursements
will be made by the high school principal. Requests for disbursements must be supported by appropriate
documents verifying the purpose and the expenditure, i.e., invoice, paid receipt, etc. Requests for disbursement of
activity funds should not be initiated before a reasonable time prior to actual need.
Activity funds may not be used for the following:
    A. Forms or postage for curricular or classroom use or for District business.
    B. Repairs and maintenance for District-owned equipment.
    C. Professional books and magazines, and memberships in professional organizations for the activity advisor.
    D. Salaries for services which are the responsibility of the District or for District assignments.
    E. Articles for personal use of District employees or others.
    F. Gifts, loans, credit or accommodation purchases for District employees or others.
Approved/Adopted:  November 28, 2011
Revised:  October 26, 2011
Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009
Sharon Weinstock,
Dec 5, 2011, 9:22 AM