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7510 Policy - Use of District Facilities

First priority in the use of school buildings and grounds shall be given to the public schools for curricular, extra-curricular and recreational use.



Curricular and Extra-Curricular Use


The principal shall be responsible for all curricular and extra-curricular use of the individual school building, and shall ensure that all school activities within the building are properly supervised. The principal shall maintain a calendar of building and grounds use, including permits issued to the recreation department.



Recreation Use


The Recreation Department is granted the use of school facilities for such activities and such hours as are approved by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee. All recreational activities will be scheduled through the Recreation Department, and in so doing, proper reservations and schedules to the building principals shall be made. For the use of school facilities, the Recreation Department shall reimburse the School Board at an annual fee established by the Board and for any personnel costs that are incurred.



Non-Curricular, Extra-Curricular or Recreational Meetings


Individual schools or school organizations may use school facilities for cultural, educational, or

recreational meetings to which the public is admitted and out-of-school talent is used whether or not admission is charged under the following conditions:


A.    A request must be presented in writing to the principal and approved by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

B.    If paid talent is used, such talent must be paid a set fee and shall not be engaged on a per-centage or other basis. A contract or agreement covering such service shall accompany the principal’s request.

C.   All extra costs pertaining to said usage shall be paid out of the receipts and no liability shall accrue to the School Board.



Equal Access


In accordance with the Equal Access Act of 1984, a "limited, open forum" shall be created for students to discuss subjects not directly related to the school curriculum. All such meetings shall be voluntary and initiated and conducted by students. Such a forum shall be scheduled either prior to the commencement of the school’s daily instructional schedule or after the school’s daily instructional schedule. Authorization for the meeting shall be granted subject to adherence with administrative procedures. Usage of the school’s facility is subject to availability and shall not be allowed to circumvent or interfere with the orderly conduct of instructional activities. Requests for such activities shall be made in writing to the building principal indicating the purpose, time and persons responsible.



Community and Other Use


The School Board may rent school facilities to responsible organizations for civic, educational, cultural, religious, political or recreational meetings at which admission may or may not be charged. Such usage will be granted only upon payment of the approved fee, demonstration of insurance coverage and upon the execution of an approved agreement form outlining the following conditions.


A.    Organizations applying for such usage must clearly outline on the designated and approved agreement form the membership and purpose of the organization, the type of meeting desired, and the purposes to which the net proceeds of such usage will be devoted.

B.    The designee(s) of the Superintendent of Schools is authorized to grant usage where statements made in the application and agreement clearly meet the intent and purposes of this policy and where the proceeds are to be used for community purposes.

C.  Such usage may be scheduled subject to availability and shall not be allowed to interfere with or circumvent the orderly conduct of curricular, extra-curricular or recreational use.

D.  All requests for use of outdoor facilities at Breitlow baseball field, West football field, Whitman soccer field, and the athletic field north of East must be scheduled through the Recreation Department. 

120.13(17), Wis. Stats.


Approved/Adopted:  July 13, 2009

Revised: July 9, 2014

Revised:  October 26, 2015

Nathan Marinan,
Oct 28, 2015, 9:35 AM